Why Engage a Commercial Lease Lawyer?

June 18, 2023



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November 30, 2023

A commercial lease is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant for the lease of commercial premises. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, knowing your rights and responsibilities is a priority. 

Commercial leases are often the subject of dispute as differing expectations and understandings caused by miscommunication or oversight in the preparation of the agreement complicate the relationship. Engaging a commercial lease lawyer to negotiate or prepare a lease can avoid costly disputes.  

What can a commercial lease lawyer from Carneys do for you?

For landlords that own commercial property:

As the owner of a property, we understand that you want to ensure that your rights are secured. You want to be confident that your asset will be taken care of as you work to gain a return on your investment. A commercial lease lawyer from Carneys can provide you with: –

  • Tailored drafting of commercial lease documentation;
  • Assistance in negotiating key terms of the lease;
  • Expert advice concerning disputes; and
  • Remedial action in the event of a breach. 

For commercial tenants:

A commercial lease is an essential part of many business operations. Executing and guaranteeing a commercial lease is one of the biggest financial decisions a business owner can make.

Most businesses require premises from which to operate. Whether those premises take the form of a warehouse for manufacturing and dispatch, offices for administration and to welcome clients, or a shop for providing goods or hospitality services – the premises provide the business with the ability to function. It is critical to the flourishing of the business that the expectations in relation to the commercial lease are met and security of the tenancy established. A commercial lease lawyer from Carneys Lawyers can provide you with the following guidance: –

  • Reviewing lease documentation;
  • Negotiating terms of the lease including rent, early entry to premises, contribution to fit-outs, renewal, liability for outgoings, renewal and exercise of options;
  • Deletion or amendment of any unusually onerous terms; 
  • Breach of lease by the landlord – breach of the covenant for quiet enjoyment;
  • Expert advice concerning disputes; and
  • Seeking relief in the event of financial hardship or termination.

Why Carneys?

At Carneys, our goal is to provide you with clear and sound advice to assist you in securing your interests in relation to all your commercial leasing needs. 

Led by an Accredited Specialist in Property Law (Wallace Meakes, Partner) our team has the expertise and a culture of active engagement to ensure your needs are heard, understood, and met. We have worked alongside Landlords and Tenants for over 50 years.  

Feel free to get in touch now to discuss your business’s lease.