How We Can Help

Our reputation with clients, fellow practitioners and judges is that we are lawyers who honestly and fearlessly pursue our client’s best interest. We provide advice and action immediately to obtain the best and most efficient outcomes for our clients.

We help clients ranging from multinational corporations to first home buyers achieve their goals, big or small, from the beginning of a matter to the end.

Our Expertise Includes

Commercial Litigation

Carneys Legal has an experienced team of Commercial Litigation lawyers led by partners who are accredited specialists in Commercial Litigation. Years of experience advising clients in commercial disputes gives our litigators an intuitive ability to outmanoeuvre our clients’ opponents. 

Carneys provide clear and strategic advice, guiding clients towards the most successful outcomes available in even the most difficult case. 

We recognise that litigation takes a financial and emotional toll on our clients. We believe that the best service we can provide to our clients is advice that is direct, responsive and efficient. Carneys brings clarity to complex disputes, quickly. 

Our lawyers represent clients from a diverse range of backgrounds and we take pride in our long history of delivering superior service to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Whatever your dispute, and whatever stage you are at, we can help.

Dispute Resolution

Carneys Legal has an experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers led by partners who are accredited specialists. Carneys’ compelling reputation for dispute resolution, including in some of Australia’s most significant legal disputes, is well-known.

We are driven to consistently achieve successful results for our clients and our lawyers are highly skilled at carefully leading our clients to the best possible outcome, whether that be negotiating a settlement prior to commencing proceedings, or running a defended hearing.

We provide a full range of dispute resolution services, including:

  • Innovative alternative dispute resolution strategies, including mediation, negotiation and arbitration;
  • Persuasive and effective representation in court, whether seeking urgent interim relief, final relief at a hearing, or on appeal; and
  • Strategic advocacy before tribunals and regulatory bodies.

Insolvency And Bankruptcy

Carneys’ experienced team of insolvency and bankruptcy lawyers have the expertise to advise clients in order to protect, and where possible, improve, their position. We have a unique practice of acting for clients on all sides of insolvency disputes, and we bring our technical and commercial expertise to each matter.

Carneys have acted on numerous high profile and complex insolvency administrations encompassing all aspects of corporate insolvencies. This includes liquidations, receiverships, Administrations, Deeds of Company Arrangement and Schemes of Arrangement. Carneys have advised directors affected by Deeds of Company Arrangement on their rights and remedies available providing advice on defences involving alleged breaches of directors duties.
We recognise the stress and angst that comes with personal and business insolvency. We offer advice that is strategic, honest and direct to guide our clients to a better position as quickly as possible.

Our clients have the advantage of lawyers with deep expertise of the commercial challenges businesses and individuals involved in insolvency disputes face. We are dedicated to providing practical and efficient solutions for our clients.

Ultimately, we care about our clients and are on your side.

Commercial Transactions

We pride ourselves on our client relationships which we highly value. Our clients know us for our responsiveness and our commitment to seeing their businesses succeed over the long term. 

Carneys’ longevity is testament to the calibre of its solicitors, who see intricate knowledge of their clients’ businesses as imperative. Carneys has over 60 years guided hundred of businesses through the many stages of business growth, development and succession. 

We assist fledgling start-ups and sophisticated enterprises alike. We seek to partner with our clients to assist with the critical transactions and watershed moments in the life of a company that can make or break a business. 

Property and Conveyancing

Carneys’ property and development team has extensive experience in all aspects of property law. Our team works closely with clients and provides the most practical legal advice specifically tailored to our clients’ needs. We provide services to a range of private clients from first home buyers to experienced investors as well as commercial clients including property developers, investment funds and hotel groups.

Since 1964, Carneys’ property and conveyancing lawyers have acted for tens of thousands of individuals and private companies on the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties in New South Wales. In particular, Carneys are recognised as pre-eminent experts in the area of leasehold residential property transactions.

Our expertise includes advising in respect of complex refinances, loan documents, caveat applications and other security agreements. Carneys’ property lawyers regularly advise clients in relation to the registration and discharge of mortgages and caveats, and disputes arising out of those matters. 

The Carneys property team are renowned for their rapid responsiveness, being effective negotiators and their attention to detail.

Wills and Estates

Carneys Legal has advised clients regarding wills and estates for over 60 years, and as such, we understand the precise intricacies; estate planning, probate, estate administration dealing with contested estates, disputes wills and family provision.

Our extensive experience gives us the ability to provide our clients with effective and efficient advice concerning all aspects of wills and estate planning and disputes.

But just as importantly, we understand the emotional toll it takes to deal with the estate of a loved one. We work quickly to ensure that your estate planning, or dispute, is dealt with quickly and fairly, so that your woes are not compounded by ongoing legalities and family tension.

Ultimately, everyone’s estate will go somewhere, and will be managed by someone.

Organising your affairs with estate lawyers Sydney will ensure that your wishes are honoured and no one is left in the cold. Failure to do so might exacerbate the pain of your passing, and your affairs may be managed by a court or tribunal who neither understood what or who you wanted to provide for.

It’s a simple process now. And it makes for a much more simple process later.

Strata and Company

Carneys’ property lawyers are experienced in advising clients in relation to the ownership of units, whether they are registered as part of a strata scheme or as company title.

Over the past 25 years, the number of Australians living in apartments has increased by 78%. High density living has a number of benefits, but also can present challenges when dealing with neighbours or an owners corporation.

A neighbor may be jeopardizing your safety or disturbing your comfort, or your owners corporation might be failing to maintain common property. Worst of all, the building in which you have purchased may have defects which are not being properly rectified.

Whatever the reason, there are times where it feels like the dream of home ownership is turning into a nightmare. Before this happens, you need experienced strata lawyers in your corner.