Carneys’ Response to the Unmet Legal Needs as a Reputable Sydney Law Firm

November 11, 2023



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November 30, 2023

The Productivity Commission published an Inquiry Report [1] in which it identified the difficulties of navigating the justice system, resulting in legal needs not being met. In approaching a Sydney law firm, common barriers to resolving legal needs often include fears about high costs and difficulty deciding, or knowing, who to seek assistance from amongst the vast array of options. 

The Inquiry Report identified consumer problems and disputes as the largest area of unmet legal need, including problems with: –

  • professional and tradespersons;
  • insurance and banking services;
  • buying faulty goods; and
  • owners corporations.

Another large area of unmet legal need is that of credit and debt where a range of problems and disputes arise out of:-

  • creditors taking or threatening to take action to recover unpaid bills or debts;
  • the repayment of money owed to the respondent;
  • paying a loan or hire purchase agreement or guaranteeing someone else’s loan; and
  • Disputes concerning wills and powers of attorney.

Carneys Legal, a Sydney law firm, has the privilege and challenge of meeting the diverse legal needs within the community. Carneys Legal is a reputable Sydney law firm advising clients on a range of legal issues from wills and estates through to commercial litigation. We are ready and able to resolve your legal needs in a cost-efficient manner tailored to your situation. We can assist you in cutting to the heart of your legal issue, advising and acting for you to attain the best outcome. 

As a Sydney law firm, we have the added benefit of being located in the heart of the CBD a stone’s throw from courts, tribunals and the offices of other dispute resolution institutions. Beyond the convenience of court appearances, it also provides us with connections to leading barristers in various domains with whom we work closely. Access to such resources equips us to handle your matter however complex or straightforward.   

[1] “Access to Justice Arrangements”, Productivity Commission, 5 September 2014.